Faith Formation Grades 1-10

 Welcome to our Faith Formation program! Children in grades 1-10 are introduced to the message and mission of Jesus Christ. Helping others encounter the Living Christ is a fundamental goal of all catechesis. Our dedicated teachers strive to create an environment of hospitality, where their witness gives expression to the loving presence of God. Their teaching encourages children to deepen their faith, and inspires children to grow in understanding and knowledge of our Catholic beliefs, instilling a great love of Christ.

Our Faith Formation program is a supplemental program complementing the spiritual and religious formation that is ongoing in the homes of our families.  We recognize parents as "the first and foremost educators of their children," and the first to communicate the faith to their children. (JPII) Our program has the fundamental task of complementing, reinforcing, and extending the family’s efforts. 




Cancellation Policy

If school is closed in the Town of Plymouth, religious education classes will be cancelled. If school is in session when the snow begins to fall, a decision will be made as to whether class will be cancelled. In the event of cancellation, including Sunday morning classes, a message will be left on the Religious Education voice mail. Also, announcement will be made on Channel 4 WBZ, Channel 5 WCVB,Channel 7 WHDH and FOX 25. As always parents should use their own discretion when sending their children to class.